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Sportsman Shoes Case Study Essay

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CM-chapter 1 case study
Competitive Strategy at Sportsman Shoes
Sportsman Shoes has been a leader in the shoe industry for more than thirty years. Sportsman manufactures and sells athletic shoes for all types of sports. The company has pursued a low-cost strategy in order to sustain their success. They sell a limited number of shoe designs and have held costs low through manufacturing efficiency and standardized operations. However, the past five years have been a struggle at Sportsman. The shoe market has seen a rise in the availability of low-cost imported shoes that has threatened Sportsman’s competitive position. As a result, company executives have decided it is time for a strategy shift. Sportsman executives have done…show more content…

The company will also need to hire operations specialists to transition their manufacturing operations to produce the new shoe designs. Beyond hiring new staff, Sportsman also must consider the implications for current employees to help them successfully transition to their new work requirements. Therefore, there are several considerations they must address in the area of human resource management.

1. Following Sportsman’s shift in competitive strategy, what are some considerations for the company’s human resource management practices?
In order for Sportsman’s to find success in their new strategy shift, it will be imperative that they develop a strategic Human Resources plan that will capture all the needs required to facilitate the successful transition. The changes in Sportsman’s strategy will require some special considerations from the HR department.
The key considerations will be, implementing a smooth transition plan that will ensure adequate training and job placement is occurring with current employees so they have a chance to succeed in the new business model. Also, the human resources team will have to manage talent acquisition to accommodate the hiring of the proper individuals that will be needed to drive the changes to the plant and process that will occur such as engineers, managers, quality

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Jensen Shoes Case Study Essay

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jensen shoes case study
Jensen Shoes is an American company specializing in athletic and casual shoes for adults and children
• Chuck Taylor is the Director of Strategic Marketing and Jane Kravitz's boss
• Jane Kravitz is one of 3 Strategic Product Managers and Lyndon Twitchell's boss
• Lyndon Twitchell was assigned to work on Jane's team, and was given two strategic objectives to complete
• In addition to two strategic objectives, Twitchell was assigned a third project on environmental issues in the same time frame
• Twitchell had been in a management position when he worked with Chuck Taylor before
• Twitchell had not fully completed his strategic objectives under Chuck Taylor
• When he was transferred to Jane Kravitz's team, he…show more content…

Now that the company had a focus on working on a project it was required that everyone on board to cooperate and meet the expectations. Chuck, the Executive Vice president had assigned three managers so they could have their subordinates to comply with vertical … on strategic performance objectives (s.o.’s). And this was expected of Lyndon too
Jane was very helpful in the beginning and it showed when she praised him loudly when he finished the environmental project. This was not enough for the upper management and pressure started to build up. If he didn’t meet the deadline everyone else would be in trouble. Jane started to get worried as she quoted “his performance is my performance” and results were expected of him.
Chuck expected Lyndon to fail while Jane was not giving up and offered him many options to the point that expectations from him were getting lower. And when they do even the performance will get lower.

Solution for the first issue: Keep expectations the same

Had Jane made it clear from the beginning what was expected of him and what to prioritize then Lyndon would have thought less of being demoted and carry on with his work and utilize his education, abilities and experience to his favor and get the job done. Lyndon though the environmental project was enough for the

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