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Hello Sports fans! My name is Tyler Yecies and I am a guest writer for The Bleacher Boys.  I am 9 years old and a 4th grader at Stillman Elementary School in Tenafly, New Jersey.  I play flag-football, travel basketball, and lots of tennis.  This year, I started doing fantasy football, and now I’m hooked!

Fantasy football is a fun game where you draft different NFL players to your fantasy team.  My camp friends each own 1 of the 8 teams in my league, which is a great way to stay in touch with them during the school year.  Each team has 9 starters:  a quarterback, 2 running backs, 2 wide-receivers, a tight-end, a kicker, a defense, and a flex player   There are also 7 back-ups on the bench.  Each player gets points for how well they play each week.  Then, each team’s points are added up, and you see if you scored higher than your opponent.  I won one week because my fantasy receiver DeAndre Hopkins crushed it with 8 catches for 224 yards and a touchdown, giving me over 43 fantasy points!

Pick the best players you can during the draft, which lasts for many rounds.  Do your “homework” before the draft because you only have 60 seconds to make each pick.  Look at players’ statistics from last year and how good their team is this year to figure out who to draft. Websites like www.espn.com can help.  This research takes longer than you think but it beats school homework!

So now you have players, but who are you going to start?  Obviously, start your best players, but you should also see which team they are playing against and if any of your players have a bye week.  Sometimes your bench players surprise you.  I had Chris Thompson on my bench for a few weeks, but now he is a starter because Thompson has been putting up crazy fantasy points!

Injuries happen all the time, so you have to adjust.  For example, Deshaun Watson was my best quarterback, but he got hurt in practice and is out for the entire season.  Good thing I had Russell Wilson and Alex Smith on my bench!  Otherwise, you can pick up new players each week that nobody has, if you think that a new player will help your team.

I have learned many things by doing fantasy football.  First, it is more fun to watch NFL football each week because you are excited to see if one of your players does something amazing.  Second, studying fantasy statistics beats studying math facts.  Third, it is okay to lose because there’s always next week!


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Homework 3Problem 1Tyler Apiaries sells bees and beekeeping supplies. Bees (including a queen) are shipped in special packages according to weight. Historically, Tyler’s shipments have weighed an average of 1.4 kg with a standard deviation of 0.15 kg. a)Calculate the process capability ratio assuming the lower and upper tolerance limits are 1.1 kg and 1.7 kg, respectively. Is Tyler Apiaries currently able to meet the tolerance limits 99.7% of the time?-oCpk = min [(1.7-1.4)/(3*0.15),(1.4-1.1)/(3*0.15)] oCpk = min [0.667, 0.667] oCpk = 0.667-Since, Tyler Apiaries has a process ration of 0.67, they are not able to meet the tolerance limits 99.7% of the time.b)What would the standard deviation have to be for Tyler Apiaries to achieve Six Sigma level quality levels with regard to the weight of the bee packages?-For six sigma, the number of segments between the upper & lower level is 12. The standard deviation for Tyler Apiaries to achieve Six Sigma quality levels o(USL-LSL)/12 = (1.7-1.1)/12 = 0.05Problem 2We are conducting quality assurance inspections for a local manufacturer. Suppose that 20 samples of 75 items are inspected with a go/no-go decision. The results of our inspections


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