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Tim Burton uses many cinematic techniques in his movies such as lighting and camera angles throughout his movies in order to create effects and moods. He uses these two cinematic techniques numerous of times in the films Edward Scissorhands and in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He uses them very efficiently to portray different ideas such as showing strengths, weakness, or size in character or setting, or revealing a depressing or cheerful surrounding. Tim Burton is a successful film maker and has inspired many to get into the movie making business due to his cinematic techniques. In many of Burton’s films, Burton uses lighting to show happiness or sadness. In Edward Scissorhands, peg’s town is bright and full of color. Which makes it seems like the town is happy and full of joy, but the townsfolk are cruel and mean to one another.

Edwards’s mansion is low key and dark, which makes it seems like Edward is the bad guy, but Edward is a kind, nice guy who loves to help everyone even though he has a disability. Burton also uses the same low key lighting in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. When Charlie goes home at the beginning of the movie, Burton uses high angle to show Charlie’s house all dark, making it look small and haunted. The lighting would want you to think that the family that lives in that house is mean or sad all the time, but Charlie lives with his mom and dad and his grandparents on his mom and dad’s side. And they are all nice, kind, and respectful to one another.

You see, this is Burton’s gothic style. Burton is mostly known for his dark, gothic, macabre, and quirky horror and fantasy films. So this cinematic technique has great importance for these films because he used it to make his idea or his opinion become clearer for the audience to understand the lesson from the movie. Burton’s lighting basically impacts the audience’s mood towards the movie or film. Burton wants to see the films in his eyes. Camera angles were very important in the films Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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Tim Burton Style Analysis
Tim Burton is one of the most unusual and unique directors of our time. He brings characters to life by putting them in a habitat they don’t belong. His movies “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Corpse Bride”, “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, and “Edward Scissorhands” all demonstrate how one of a kind his movies are. Using cinematic techniques, Tim Burton points out the misfit character and shows how different they are then everyone else. His use of camera angles, lighting, and sound give the viewers a different perspective on the movies, and help pick out the individual character.
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Burton’s strange and unusual past help create the spontaneous movies he makes today. “Edward Scissorhands” is one of Tim Burton’s most famous movies. Having scissors for hands makes him Edward quite different then every other character in this film. The cinematic techniques help show how different the mansion where he is from and the town he goes to really are. When Edward is living in the mansion, high angles are pointed towards him showing that he is defenseless and weak. The lighting in the two different locations is completely opposite. When in the mansion, the lighting is low key making the scenes more mysterious. When filming in the town, the lighting is high key. Tim does this because he wants to show the difference between the environments Edward lives in. The sounds in the scenes are also unlike. In the mansion, scary and troubling non-diegetic music is playing. The non-diegetic music playing in the town is more calm and peaceful. When watching Edward Scissorhands, you know right away the Tim Burton produced it because of Edward being placed in a town he does not belong, and the unique twists Tim throws into the movie. As you can see, Tim Burton creates multiple stylistic techniques from all of his movies. Burton is a unique person and no other director can produce a film like him. He puts an individual character into a setting he/she does not belong. Using cinematic techniques, Burton distinguishes an original style


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