Interesting Characters In My Class Essay

Most teachers in my school dread coming to my class. Mrs Lai, our class teacher, considers our class the most notorious she has ever come across in her 22 years of teaching. She considers my class an albatross around her neck.

My class got its reputation because of two hyperactive, mischievous students. Most teachers come to our class braced for trouble from the infamous two and no lesson goes on without interruptions from these two pranksters.

Topping the list is Dinesh who is an incorrigible chatterbox. A boy too small for his age, Dinesh has broken almost every rule in school. Despite repeated warnings and threats of suspension and expulsion from school, Dinesh has yet to change over a new leaf. He is always in the habit of throwing live cockroaches and spiders at girls who would then scream in terror. The other mischievous brat is Jerry whose favorite pastime is mimicking teachers. When it comes to playing tricks, both of them are hand in glove with each other. Whenever they get together, we know they are up to some mischief.

However my class is not without distinction. Susan scored straight As in both her preliminary and final examinations. A petite girl wearing thick glasses and having a thick fringe, she is nicknamed 'Miss Einstein' and 'Walking Encyclopedia' as she has all the answers and facts at her finger tips. She is a real bookworm and is the pet of most teachers. The pranks of Dinesh and Jerry always incurs her wrath. She is always at her wit's end trying to instil some discipline in them.

These are some of the interesting characters in my class. Without them, my class just would not be the same. I am glad I am in this class. Although we are an incorrigible lot and can be quite exasperating at times, we have lots of fun. Just as the saying goes, 'it takes all sorts to make a world', our class would not be half as lively and enjoyable if not for these interesting characters. Since this is our last year of school, I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity of making each of their acquaintance.

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