Hum/111 Week 2 Assignment

COMPARING ANCIENT FEMALE RULERS 2 Wu Zetian and Pharaoh Cleopatra were two of the most powerful women. When you compare these two women with all of the power that they both had, their resourcefulness, and achievements in the AD and BC times, they both had glorious titles. Wu Zetian was born in Shanxi in 625 AD and died in 705 AD. Wu Shihuo, her father, was a chancellor for the Tang Dynasty. When Zetian was a child, she spent most of her time reading a magnitude of books and her father instilling her with a great education. At 14, Wu was chosen as Emperor Taizhong’s Cai Ren’s concubine because she was beautiful and intelligent. During this time, Emperor Taizhong was impressed by her literary talents and gave her a role to assist as secretary (China history, 2014). This enhanced Zetian’s knowledge of the state affairs. Around 650 BC, after Taizhong had passed away, Zetian became a nun at Ganye Temple. Shortly thereafter, Zetian went back to the palace. When she was called back to the palace this time, she was given the title Zhao Yi (concubine). Wu did not like this title at all and very well despised it.

Tutankhamen, is also known as King Tut, was born in 1341 B.C.E and was the 12th king of the 18th Egyptian dynasty. He died at the early age of only nineteen, and his name disappeared until we found his tomb in 1922. There have been a lot of studies since then about his life. King Tut reigned for about nine years. He didn't accomplish much during that time, but there were a lot of mysteries after his death. The mystery is that no one knows how Tutankhamen died at such an early age because his name vanished after his death. There are many speculations on what happened to King Tut ever since a British archaeologist, Howard Carter, found his tomb in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings. According to U.K. press reports, x-rays were taken of King Tut in 1968. The x-ray shows a breastbone missing and smashed ribs. A CT scan performed in 2005 results were never open to the public. It did a broken leg and major damage to his rib cage.


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