Dissertation Topics In Marine Biology

Marine Biology Dissertation Ideas: 18 Problems You Can Write About

When it comes to Marine biology, the students need to come up with term dissertation papers on various topics. These theses take the time to complete as they require the student to do a lot of research as well as a lot of homework. One tip which is very useful for marine biology students, in particular, is that they should not wait until the end of the term to start with this homework.

Topics can be freelance ones, or the instructor gives out dissertation topics to the students. The students should then immediately start their research on the homework given. They should be able to collect enough and more freelance material on it. This material may not be easily available. Hence, the student should start this collection and gathering process as soon as he or she receives the essay topic or is asked to write a dissertation on a topic of his or her choice.

Here are some essay topics which will help marine biology students.

  1. The white whale population. How this can be increased and what efforts can be taken or are taken by international organizations
  2. How marine animals are made extinct or are impacted by asteroids
  3. What are the practices to manage blooms of artificial plankton
  4. The effect of nitrogen cycles and carbon on the fish population
  5. How is global warming impacting the population of sea fish
  6. The state of marine commercial fishing
  7. How extinction can be prevented of endangered species
  8. How do oil spills impact marine wildlife
  9. Is there a reason to worry with regards zooplankton and Res tides
  10. White whale hunting – what are the possible outcomes
  11. When is seafood dangerous for consumption
  12. Overfishing which is in the Atlantic Ocean and what are the possible solutions to it
  13. Should fish hunting be allowed and in what conditions
  14. How can fish farming be developed in the country
  15. How is the alteration in the weather conditions changing the growth of the fish population
  16. How are the current temperatures impacting fish grounds
  17. What are the threats to the marine ecosystem
  18. How can soft muddy creatures at the bottom be preserved?

These are just some of the problems which are faced in marine life and which are relevant topics to write a thesis or essay upon.

List Of 20 Offbeat Marine Biology Research Paper Topics

Marine Biology is the study of the life in the sea; this is not limited just to the animals but also the plant life that lives in the water. Marine biologist study all kinds of animals and plant life in many different glasses of water, so you will have no problem finding the research to help you with your research paper topic.

Marine Biology Topics

  • What is the biological impacts on marine life due to climate change?
  • What is the chemical ecology of marine life?
  • What is the coastal ecology of marine life?
  • What conservation ecology is being used to help marine life?
  • What is the biology and ecology of the coral reef?
  • Pick a deep sea creature or plant life and write about the biology of it.
  • What is the developmental biology of marine life? Pick one to write about.
  • Look at an ecosystem in a body of water, what is the dynamics and theories behind it?
  • There are many pollutants in many bodies of water, pick one and talk about the environmental toxicology that made it this way.
  • Pick an invertebrate that lives in water and talks about the zoology and parasitology about it.
  • Pick an animal or plant from the water and talk about its life history and what behaviors is this know for?
  • Talk about marine benthic ecology.
  • Pick a marine mammal and talk about it and its biology.
  • Look at marine microbiology and pick a subject that has to do with it.
  • Plankton and algae can be found in every body of water, talk about phytoplankton biology or you could focus on algal biofuels.
  • Talk about the Food/Web interactions that take place in any body of water.
  • What is the polar ecology of marine life and what is found in this area of the world?
  • The population of marine life is very important, study how one species has lasted longer than others?
  • How have fisherman help managed the marine life? You can look at this in a good way or bad way.
  • What natural products chemistry happens in bodies of water?

The best way to find the information you need on the topic that you pick is to read everything you can on the subject and take notes. This will make writing the research paper easier, and you won’t run out of things to talk about on the topic.



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