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Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are two of the most explosive players in the NBA today. Each player has his own playing style that separates him from the rest of the league. Both players have their own career achievements, endorsements, and personal life stories behind the game. If you ask anybody, the comparison between these two players is great. It is a never ending debate between who is better because both players have something different to bring to the table. Side by side on paper, both players seem dominant and may one day end up in the basketball hall of fame. But as individuals, side by side, each has a different but similar life. Lebron James is twenty-four years old and plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron married his…show more content…

In his career, Lebron James is:
• the youngest player to score 12,000 points
• was named Rookie of the Year (2003-04)
• All-NBA and All-Star since 2005
• led his team to consecutive playoff appearances (2006-2009)
• led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first ever NBA Finals (2007)
• Named to the USA Olympic Basketball Team
• 2009 NBA MVP and the list goes on but these are just a few of the major accomplishments of Lebron James. Due to his great success in the NBA, James has many endorsement deals behind him. Lebron James is endorsed by Nike, Sprite, Glaceau, Bubblicious, and Upper Deck. James has also done many commercials such as a series titled “MVPuppets,” and he also did a series based on him and Kobe competing to be the NBA champions. Lebron was also ranked number one in the Forbes top 20 Earners under 25 with annual earnings of $27 million dollars. On the other hand, Kobe Bryant is thirty-one years old and plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe married Vanessa Laine on April 18, 2001. Kobe and Vanessa had two children (both girls-Natalia Diamante Bryant and Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant). In high school, Bryant’s basketball career was born. He led his team to their first championship in 53 years. While in high school, he was invited to workout and scrimmage with the Philadelphia 76ers. After his senior year in high

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Kobe or Lebron Persuasive Speech General Purpose: to persuade Specific Purpose: to persuade that Lebron James is a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant. I. Introduction A. Attention-Getting Device: Every Christmas, there are 3 things that I have to do: open presents, spend all day chillaxing with my family, and watch the NBA games for the day. B. Link To Topic: And every Christmas, there is always 1 game that takes priority over all the others: that game is the classic Lebron James vs. Kobe Bryant matchup. Every year I, and many others around the country, eagerly await the epic matchup between the two best basketball players in the world. C. Significant Statement: Every Christmas, many sports articles bring up the question: “Who is better: Lebron or Kobe?” People debate whether Lebron or Kobe is the best player in the league. Kobe has been in the league much longer and has a much better legacy, but which player is better now? D. Source: According to Chris Palmer, a writer for ESPN The Magazine, “Kobe and Lebron are the best in the biz. But who comes out on top?” E. Thesis: In this speech I hope to persuade you why Lebron is a better basketball player than Kobe. F. Preview Statement: We will look at their physical attributes along with their strengths and weaknesses, the teams they have played on, and their awards and accolades. Transition: First, let’s compare Lebron and Kobe’s physical attributes, along with their strengths and weaknesses as players. II. Body A. Physical attributes and strengths/weaknesses 1. According to ESPN.com, Kobe is 6’6”, 205 lbs, and Lebron is 6’8”, 250 lbs. So right off the bat, Lebron has a physical advantage over Kobe with his size. According to Topendsports.com, Kobe has a 38” vertical leap, and Lebron has a vertical jump of 42”. That gives Lebron 6 inches of advantage over Kobe when they both jump. 2. Nowadays, Kobe has a very refined game. He sticks mainly to quick, refined moves and jump shots. He can shoot from all over the floor like no one else in the NBA, and is known for being a shooter. He doesn’t drive to the basket a lot, but he plays a lot of one-on-one, because that is his best attribute. 3. Lebron has a very dynamic game. He can shoot from the perimeter,


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