Assignment Cover Page For Scince And Material

For advice or information, you can visit MyUNSW, Student Support, the Science Student Centre or you can contact the School directly. We have also included some useful information below:

Course Outlines

Click on the link above to download current semester information specific to each Materials Science and Engineering course.

Course Planning

  • Academic Plan (declaration of major/minor)
  • Course enrolment
  • Discontinuation without failure
  • Overload
  • Program Leave
  • Program Transfers
  • Timetable Clash Approval

Exams and Assessments

  • Academic misconduct
  • Academic standing
  • Exam conduct
  • Rescheduling exams on religious grounds
  • Special Consideration

Other useful links:

UNSW Email - how we contact you

Your UNSW student email address ( is the University's official means of communication with you. You should check this email regularly and/or have it forwarded to your personal email account. Using the excuse "I did not check my student email", or similar, for missing important information or key dates will not be accepted. Students can assign an alias to the email address if they prefer.

Students are advised to use this generic Assignment Cover Sheet (ACS) specifically matched to their assignment/s when submitting their assignment/s to the Assignment Office.

Some instructions to students:

  1. For assignment concerning School of Education, students are recommended to use the appropriate ACS and indicate clearly their subject areas.
  2. Fill in all details outlined on the assignment cover sheet.
  3. Ensure your signed coversheet is on top of the assignment/s.
  4. Ensure your assignment including the coversheet is securely stapled (or spiral bound) together and remains A4 sized. It is important to use the coversheet  

Please find below a palette of downloadable Assignment Cover sheets for each department.

School of Applied Sciences

School of Arts and Humanities

School of Education

School of Science and Mathematics


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