Computers Have Made Life Easier And More Convenient Essay

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Topic: Some people say that computers have made life easier and more convenient. Other people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The advent of the computer is one of the results of the development of the advantaged technology. While some people advocate for the idea that computers have made life more complex and stressful, others support the idea that computers have made life easier and more convenient. In my point of view, computers brought convenience and easiness to our life since they enabled easier access to information and increased qualities of the communication.

First, computers through internet made our access to information easier. Through computers we can collect appropriate data very quickly, store it in the hard disc as long as we want and use it when needed. Search engines such as google, yandex with many features relevant to the characteristics of the information needed enable search of information in few minutes. Social networks such as facebook, twitter have changed traditional sources of information and decreasing the monopolization of the information by the governments. Hence, with the use of computers we spend less time in search for information, and can get it from different sources.

Second, in a globalized world that we live computers made communications faster, visual and cheaper. With the use of email our messages can be delivered to any person in any part of the world in few minutes. In addition, it is convenient because you do not need to mile to the post office, but just click the mouse of your computer from the convenience of your arm chair in order to reach your friends, family members in any part of the world. Internet facilities such as msn, skype made visual communication possible. For example, via skype people not just communicate with their family members and friends, but also make interviews for employment, enrolment into universities. In result, communication has become cheaper, faster and visual.

Finally, I believe that computers have made life easier and more convenient in the ways that it broadened the sources of information and made access more quick, a long with the improving quality of the communication in many ways.

Model Answer 8:
Some people think that computers have made our life easier and comfortable, while others believe that computers have more disadvantages than advantages.  This essay will discuss both sides of this issue. The most important advantage of computers is that they make our life easier, how? you may ask!

The application of the computer in our daily life is endless. For instance, you can buy whatever you want by clicking on a button (online shopping). Furthermore, currently, people are working at home due to computer technologies. In addition to this, it helps us to communicate our relatives who are staying far  away. The communication efficiency is really great while the cost is quite low. Finally, it has made our life more interesting, you can download your preferred music, movie etc. or  play video games with your friends online and most importantly whenever you want.

Not only in daily life but also at work, computers are playing the big role. People just have to control and the computer will do another job. In big factories, almost all jobs are done by computers and employees just have to check it. Not only factories can be an example of the usefulness of computers, in banks your property is also secured by computers, which makes the life of bankers more convenient.

But there are certain disadvantages of computers. Aforesaid computer games are caused computer addiction among children. For instance: a lot of schoolboys aren't gone to school because of computers. They simply can't come off from it; they just can't live without computers anymore. Moreover, not only addiction but also a bad vision is caused by computer. A lot of time people are spent in front of the computer, which really hurts their eyes.

Not only illness can be said about the bad side of computers, above-named banks also not secured from so-called "phishing", hackers simply are stealing money from the banks, by just breaking or finding the necessary codes for this. Also in factories, computers are doing a lot of things but only one hitch in one sector and it will stop the whole factory.

In conclusion, in my view, computers are very important part of our life, but we should be very careful about using them appropriately.

[by - Akmal Sharipov]


Model Answer 10:
Some people say that the invention of computers is one of the greatest humankind's inventions. However, other people think that computers make their life more stressful. I agree with those people who think that computers brought many benefits and play a very important role in our modern life.

First of all, every company nowadays uses a computer to store its data and make different kinds of operations. It is very difficult to imagine life without computers. A company would have to store millions of papers and documents. Moreover, a customer would have to wait hours to check his balance or get a piece of information about his transactions at his bank, while an employee was looking trough those papers. Another important aspect of this is that people are able to type all their information, make corrections, print or send documents using computers. It makes life much easier. One can spend the rest of the time watching TV with his family or working on something new.

We use computers every day sometimes even not knowing it. When we go to a store and use our credit cards many computers process our information and perform transactions. When we need to get some cash we use money access machines that are computerised too.

Second of all, computers provided a great means of communication - the Internet. I think it is the easiest and cheapest way to get in touch with relatives, friends, business colleagues, etc. Nowadays the world becomes smaller and smaller. When I was a little girl, I could not imagine that it would be possible to communicate with people from all around the world in so easy way. A person can get the latest news, become friends with someone from another country, find his old friends, ask for a piece of advice, etc.

Finally, in addition to these practical benefits people can shop without leaving their house. They just use an Internet access, a computer and their cards to make a payment. It is kind of difficult to imagine that a few years ago people had to spend their time in lines buying tickets. Now, a person can choose a destination, company, date and time and get tickets delivered to his door. I think it is amazing.

To sum up, I believe that computers made our lives easier. They change our attitude towards life. I think with the invention of computers people became closer and friendlier.



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Model Answer 11:
With the tremendous advancement in technology nowadays, the computer affects people’s way of life. Though this device has become an inevitable part of our personal and professional life, some people worry that the dependency on computers can only increase complexity in life. Some people strongly support that our life has become easier, more convenient and productive due to the usages of computers, while some people say that computers make life more complex and stressful. I personally believe that computer is very useful in helping people in daily activities and the advantages it offers are far greater than the few disadvantages it has.

Regarding the views on both sides, some people have doubtful opinions toward the essential impacts of computers to their life. The statement “what is the computer for? – can simply answer their doubts. Computers can be viewed as one of the humans’ masterpieces which were invented to help us to make things faster and in for mobility. For instance, calculating and processing power of a computer are thousands of times faster and quite accurate than a person. The role a computer plays in our life is unavoidable. They are used everywhere- in hospitals, in labs, in banks, in research centres in the defence department, traffic controlling, manufacturing, quality assurance and so on. It is so much easier and faster to do something with the help of a computer than doing it manually. Thus, in terms of time and manpower consumptions, using computers make people do their job easier and faster. Many risky jobs are now done by computers and this has decreased the casualty in such risky workplaces. Thus computers are to save the human, not to destroy their life.

However, advocating the other opinion that computers make life more complex is supposed to be true due to addicted effects from computer usage. Yet, usages of computers depend on the individual, and wise use of this device has almost zero negative effect.

Moreover, using a computer does not make life stressful, because of its simplicity and entertaining nature and usages. Music, movies, computer games and websites that we enjoy using a computer are meant to entertain us, not to increase our stress level.  

In conclusion, it is evident that computers make our life easier and more convenient by helping us in our works, home and journey.

[by - Natanael Wangkanusa]

Model Answer 9:
The first computer was invented in 1822 by Charles Babbage, and it was used for basic arithmetic calculation. For some people, the computer has made their life easier. For other humans, computers have made their lifestyle more stressful. The way I see is that the computers are essential in our life and they make easy many kinds of jobs like the jobs of an  accountant and an engineer. And it also makes life more colourful. On the other hand, the computer is dangerous for youngsters. Nowadays, computers have a lot of games about war and zombies. Doctors think that games like these can change their mind to have negative impressions and thought.

At first, computers make people happy, but on the other side, computers can change teenagers’ mind with the way of games or the internet. Secondly, sitting at a computer too much can be damage human's eyesight. But for this inventors created the glasses against worsening eyesight. Thirdly, it can do people slothful, for instance, if workers play games at working time in order to work hard.

However, every minus there is plus. The major advantage is that, with computers you can do reach to points easily. For example, if you work on some projects, you can do lightly videos with computer helps. Next positive side is improving knowledge by a computer, like reading and solving the critical issues. Looking thirdly at a positive side, you can save some documents or pictures which are valuable for you.

Taking everything into account, I believe that in near future by computers you can do almost everything. Nevertheless, in today's world, working on computers can do works easier. Despite working easy, it can seriously give harm to your health.

[by - Sherzod Djuraev]


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